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Unsere Schulen stellen sich vor: Hutt Valley High School - Wellington

Hutt Valley High School has written:

Hutt Valley High School (HVHS) is located in Lower Hutt, which is in the Wellington metropolitan area, approximately 12 minutes drive from downtown Wellington. HVHS is the largest school in the Wellington region and is a great place to have an amazing overseas study experience, as the school has a big range of subjects available, including languages, art and design, music and culture, technology and outdoor education.

One of the cool things about HVHS is the co-curricular programmes, as we teach over 40 sports and have a huge range of clubs and societies available for students to join. The international programme at HVHS has students from about 15 countries. All of our international students stay in really good homestays and most can walk to school, as our homestays are close by.

For international students, we have a brand new international centre and students are well supported by our staff and our International Cultural Ambassadors, who act as mentors and friends to our international students. At the beginning of the year, we have International Orientation Camp, a 3-day camp at the east coast, where we have team events, personal development seminars, outdoor education (surfing, hiking, beach activities) and a load of fun.

During the year we have a lot of student events with our Cultural Ambassadors and in Term Four we have a special 4-week programme of day trips, team challenges, cooking and specialist classes at school. HVHS International provides a really dynamic international student programme, so come and check it out.

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